long beach weather station active updates every 5 minuts 24 hours a day gilgo weather station wind speed and wind direction updates every 5 minutes with 6 hour averages including peak wind speed atlantic ocean weather station with active updates of wind speed, direction, temperature, humidy and pressure accurate wind speed and direction updated every 5 minutes
Weather Station Views: South West North

applesurf weather station located on the atlantic ocean on long island new york's barrier beach

Weather Station


weather station has open area all around except from the east,


applesurf weather station, gilgo beach new york

Wind sensor cups are mounted 15 feet above the peak of the house, so about 50 feet off the ground.

North, South and West areas are open to the wind, producing accurate wind speed and direction readings.
In fact, to the south, open area is a good thousand miles as the weather station is on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean.
The wetlands and Great South Bay are to the north, so there is a clear open 3 mile span of water.
The west is a 200 yard parking lot and then some small homes. 1st bigger building is 5 miles away.

THE EAST WIND IS BLOCKED by a larger house that is at least as high as the wind vane, 70' away.


Direct East Winds might be blowing 25 mph, indicator at 10-15 mph or sometimes less.
Southeast to a lesser degree and Northeast to an even lesser degree are affected.


Some shots from the Quicksilver Contest, Long Beach, 2012, same up top. Some great waves for those days.

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