Apple Bay’s Magic Sand

Apple Bay Tortola on a calm morning

Tortola’s Magic Beach at Apple Bay

Nice swell just finished up, sweet waves Tuesday into Wednesday. Notice how a good portion of the beach is gone, it is what happens when big north swells pound the shore. No worries, Apple Bay’s magic will bring the sandy beach back in a couple of days!

Head high plus North swell makes the sand disappear along Apple Bay Beach.

The video above was taken from the patio at the Sea Breeze, the upstairs suite at Applesurf Villa.

Apple Bay Beach 4/20
Apple Bay’s Magic Sand; back, soft and velvety. The wonders of nature!

Picture above is 7 days after the video was recorded.

Mother Nature’s little bumps are the sand movers at work, in front of Applesurf Villas.

How the Beach Sand comes and goes

When the ocean calms down, a peaceful serenity awaits on the front decks of Applesurf Villas. Many a soul has passed time watching Mother Nature perform her graceful, effortless rebuild of Apple Bay’s sandy beach. One can sit and see the sand moving with the currents and then being gently laid down on the beach. A true wonder of nature.

Equally amazing is to see the sandy beach disappear in hours sometimes, as powerful north swells arrive from winter storms up north. The energy level and excitement of waves arriving takes you to another completely amazing place. Up close as fat carpets of white water roll towards you and explode; the sound, action and contrasts are unique.

Beach at Apple Bay
Beach covered in soft beautiful sand in the summer months at Apple Bay Tortola

In the summer time where Apple Bay stays calm, the sand comes right up to the sea wall in front of Applesurf Villa. A wonder of nature. Please note; Picture above of the beach at Apple Bay was taken before Hurricane Irma. Beach is very much the same minus our beloved coconut trees.

Apple Bay Tortola, we have recovered from Irma better than ever. Would say that more than 80% of the island’s restaurants, bars and grills are open with most all the roads in good shape.

Ferry service from St Thomas to Road Town and the West End is back to normal with Apple Bay and Applesurf Villas just a 10 minute ride from the ferry terminal.

Apple Bay, Carrot Bay and Cane Garden Bay are happening! Come on down to sunshine and bliss, the beaches are looking good.