North Shore Shell Museum

North Shore Shell Museum

The North Shore Shell Museum created and operated by Egbert Donovan is a one of a kind establishment you want to visit. Egbert will more than likely greet you with a song and a smile at his Roadside Shack extension.

Egbert loves music!

Right across the street is his North Shore Shell Museum. Here he has shells collected from the island waters and shore along with many other island artifacts for your viewing pleasure.

Entrance to the North Shore Shell Museum in Carrot Bay Tortola.

Egbert Donovan and the North Shore Shell Museum is located in Carrot Bay Tortola on the north end of Carrot Bay right on Shore Road. Worth stopping in and saying hello.

Read some reviews about the man and his museum

North Shore Shell Museum
Beautiful colors and shapes, sea shells of all types
Island hand made

Map of the north west corner of Capoons Bay zoomed in on Carrot Bay, Tortola.

Shells of Tortola
Right across the street, the North Shore Shell Museum
Pull up and take a seat out back at Egbert’s Roadside Shack, lots of neat things to look at and stories to tell!

East View at Applesurf Villas

Sitting out back at Applesurf Villas in Apple Bay Tortola offers some of the most beautiful views you will find of the blue ocean, fishing swarming, birds flying, people enjoying the sun, wonderful sunrises and sunsets. Here are a couple from over the years.

The photos are shots looking east from Applesurf Villa. Apple Bay is to the right with Sabastians and Bombas, then the Sugar Mill just before the bend. Carrot Bay is the next village east. The second jute where the mountain line rises is Cane Garden Bay.

Notice how the sandy beach varies in the pictures. Apple Bay sand can disappear in days, but there is always a sandy beach with in walking distance. Regardless, stunning sounds and sites.

Look out at the Sea; Hear it, Feel it and See it; Up Close and Private.

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