for local daily surf forcaste, web cam updated every minute and weather station located on the atlantic ocean at gilgo beach ny

current live jpeg of the atlantic ocean waves at washington ave in Long Beach NY and current weather data from weather station located 10 miles east on the south shore of long island barrier island.

Live Weather Station; Barrier Beach
10 miles east of Long Beach, NY
Current active live weather station located at Gilgo Beach NY providing live current information of wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity updated every 5 minutes

NOAA Buoys; LB - Islip 094 - Islip 025 - Montk

Tides for Jones Inlet (Point Lookout) : 12/10/2018
Low – 02:54 AM   High – 09:10 AM   Low – 03:34 PM   High – 09:43 PM   

Important East Wind Speed Note

Long Beach, NY Surf Cam

Updates every Minute

Gilgo Beach Surf Cam

Vacation Rentals

Carribbean Beach Front

Vermont Ski On/Off










Ocean Beach Weather Station
Burials at Sea
Flinting / Carved Glass



Current N. Atlantic Ocean Surf Cam showing Conditions and Weather Station Data at Long Beach NY.
Slide, Glide, Enjoy the Ride.

Video shows approx last 30 minutes, 1 frame per minute. Plays back at 1 frame a second, approx 30 sec. loop. Cam shot zooms In or Out, every 7 frames.
700k Quicktime file. Go to, to download Quicktime 7.0. Works with Mac or Window XP or 2000.

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