arrowheads, knives and tomahawks made like the indians beautifull glass carved images on half inch walls of glass carved glass artwork, one of a kind scrimshaw knife for sale




Anthony passed on May 30th, 2016 at 6:10 pm

RIP - Sept 30, 1948 - May 30th, 2016

SHOP CLOSED, he's Carving in the Sky

Iatavia Studio - Flint / Glass / Scrimshaw
beautiful one of kind, ivory, stone and glass art sculptures

Arrowhead Necklaces 40.00 and Up
Great Gift Idea, Call for a Quick Delivery
Mariner Knife 200.00
hand made

scrimshaw by anthony

mariner knife; 200.00
custom images offered
many sizes and types of ivory

scrimshaw knives carved by anthony iatavia

Knives, Tomahawks and Arrowheads for sale- created the same way ancient man did
tools to create - other rocks and types of animal antlers -

call for info old world artist
Tomahawks start at 160.00
Knives from 125.00
flint power
Chiseled from stone with bone handle
Arrowheads make great Jewelry
iatavia flinting offers collection of large flinted arrowheads in a beautiful wood display case

Large Arrowhead Collection; 525.00

Small Arrowhead Collection; 500.00

All Display Cases feature an Beautiful

Wood Case available in cherry, oak and pine finishes

to match the decor of fine homes.

beautiful, one of a kind pieces.

Below are samples of Anthony's Glass Carving;

Anthony starts with a piece of glass up to one half inch thick with a maximum size of 18" across.
He cuts and carves into the glass, creating a 3 dimensional work of art and then lites it from below.

porsche model turbo hand carved in half inch glass backlit for a beautiful home decoration

mercedes benz glass model art work

A great addition to a beautiful home; prices range from 300 to 600 dollars.

Each glass carving is them mounted on a stand with hidden lights that run light up thru the
glass creating a stunning visual display. You have to see it to believe it.
There is no direct light emiited into the room, all light is filtered thru the sculptor.

Brooklyn Bridge with Downtown NYC in background is 28 feet wide and 8 feet high.
It Lights up for Weddings and Parties at a Long Island Catering Hall

Iatavia Studio