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Applesurf Villas Sold

Unable to surf as got old and broken, but blessed, I have sold Applesurf Villas as of February 27th, 2024. It was a great 25 year run of waves and sun, as good as it gets.

For vacation rentals, please contact the new owner Christian Fay at 617-943-2525 or email

Here are new links to the Ocean Mist and SeaBreeze rental units on VRBO:

Ocean Mist

Sea Breeze

About Applesurf Villas

Applesurf’s home and office is Babylon, NY. We are a family that loved to ski and surf, hence our two locations. Both have many years of wonderful memories.

just in case you like to ski, we still have our ski condo…

Our Ski Vacation Rental

Check out the Ski Club condo at Mount Snow Vermont for a great ski weekend getaway, it is less than 4 hours from NYC area. If you do not ski, the Ski Club has a wonderful picture window looking at an active trail to witness some amazing jumps, speed and wipe outs! The living room has a wood fireplace and a big screen TV to make for any enjoyable time at home.

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